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Type Of Conveyours 1. Gravity Roller Conveyor 2. Belt Conveyor 3. Motorized Roller Conveyor 4. Loading/Unloading Conveyor 5. Chain Conveyor 6. Pneumatic Lifting Conveyor A Guide to Conveyor Types and Application Power Conveyors A powerconveyor is recommended to maintain positive flow of inconsistently sized, Sheped, or weighted products. They come in a wide variety of configurations and sizes. Most conveyors have a standard speed of s65FPM(feet per minute). Power belt conveyors Belt conveyors are used to transfer product by means of a moving belt. Available in slider bed and roller bed configurations. A variety of belt may be used to accommodate the product conveyed and the environmental conditions. They are often used for product that cannot be conveyed speciality belts for specific tasks. Consider product characteristics, the conveying environment, and the application performed on conveyors when looking at belt conveyors. Single units can be intermixed with gravity conveyor to create simple, semi-automated systems. Belt conveyors come in two varities: Slider and roller bed. Slider bed conveyor have a sheet metal frame with roller at either end. The belt slider across the solid metal frame, giving it the name Slider Bed. The solid steel bed is and inexpensive, quiet, easily-installed conveyor. A slider Bed Conveyoris suitable for light to medium loads. Roller bed Conveyors have channerls frames with rollers placed below the belt and are best for heavier loads. The roller allowyou to carry more weight than an slider bed conveyor because it reduces the amount of friction. It is also better suited for instanceswhere cartoon are being pushed onto of off of the belt. A roller bed conveyor can maintain its belt alignment(or tracking) better then a slider as items are pushed across.

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